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Known Bugs
Bugs in the FavoriteSync application and related products are handled according to the workflow below.
  1. Submitted - In the Problems section of the forum or sent to The FavoriteSync Team by email
  2. Registered - Recognized and visible on the official bug list
  3. Under Investigation - The FavoriteSync Team tries to recreate the bug. If not possible to recreate it then it will stay in this stage until more information comes in to help in the recreation of the bug.
  4. Categorization - The FavoriteSync Team decides if it is considered a bug or not. If it is not considered a bug then no more action will be taken.
  5. Prioritization - The FavoriteSync Team decides how critical it is to have the bug fixed which can range from high priority bugs that will be fixed immediately to low priority bugs that will be fixed when time permits.