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Advanced FavoriteSync features

The system tray menu:

This menu is accessed by right clicking the icon in the system tray.

About FavoriteSync... will display the about box that contains the version number and credits.

Check For Update connects to the to see if there is any upgrade available for download.

View Online Favorites downloads the Favorites from the FTP server and displays them in an Internet Explorer browser. Essentially the same as typing in ftp://username:password@yourserver/yourdirectory/index.xml in Internet Explorer.

Options... opens the Options dialog box which is described below.

Upload XSL stylesheet uploads the index.xsl file from your FavoriteSync directory to the FTP server. Mostly of interest if you customize the index.xsl file or if some error prevented the index.xsl file to be automatically uploaded.r

Sync starts the sync process and does the same as when you double click the icon.

Exit shuts down FavoriteSync.

The Options dialog box - Server tab

The server tab decides if you want to use the FavoriteSync server or your own FTP server to sync against. The advantage of using the FavoriteSync server is that it faster and it is able to sync through company firewalls.

Email is the email you used when you signed up on the web.

Password is the password you used when you signed up on the web.

Use compression means that the communication with the server is highly optimized using a compression algorithm. If it works to have the checkbox checked then it is recommended that you have it checked but some company firewalls may block compressed communication.

Get account is used to take you to the web page where you can sign up for an account.

Change password takes you to the webpage where you can change your password.

Username is your FTP username.

Password is your FTP password.

Host is the name or ip address of your FTP server.

Directory is the directory on the FTP server where you want to store the Favorites.

Port is the port of the FTP server, normally this is 21.

Passive mode makes all connections to be outbound from your PC to the server.

The Options dialog box - Sync tab

The sync tab decides when FavoriteSync will sync and what will happen at each sync event.

Time between syncing decides how often FavoriteSync will automatically start to sync.

When Favorites modified means that FavoriteSync will sync 120 seconds after the last modifications to the Favorites. The reason for the delay is that FavoriteSync should first sync when you are finished with rearranging the Favorites. You will see a twisting sync symbol that indicates that FavoriteSync will start syncing within 120 seconds. If this option is disabled FavoriteSync will display a flashing sync symbol to indicate that the Favorites need to be synced.

1 min after start can be used if you want the Favorites to be updated from the FTP server as soon as you start the computer and start FavoriteSync.

How decides if the local Favorites should be merged with the FTP Favorites, always overwrite the FTP Favorites or always overwrite the local Favorites. Can be used to copy over Favorites from one computer to another computer.

The Options dialog box - Verbose tab

The verbose tab controls how much feedback that should be provided to you.

Warn everytime Favorites are deleted will alert you that the FTP Favorites have been modified and one of your local Favorites will be deleted in order to keep the computers in sync.

Warn everytime Favorites are added will alert you that the FTP Favorites have been modified and a new Favorite will be added to your local Favorites in order to keep the computers in sync.

Write debug logfile will write a (large!) log file named log.txt to your FavoriteSync directory. If you find any unnatural behaviour of FavoriteSync you can turn this option on and then email the log file and a description of the behaviour to

You can override the default behaviour if you don't agree with FavoriteSync using the warning dialog box:


Add the Favorite will add (if locally added) or keep (if remotely deleted) the Favorite.

Add all recommended will add or keep all Favorites that is recommended to be added during this sync event.

Add all will add or keep all Favorites regardless if the dialog warns for additions or deletions.

The similar scheme applies for the Delete functionality.

The Options dialog box - Ignore tab

The ignore tab lets you select Favorite folders that will not be touched by Favorite sync for any action. Basically they are treated as if FavoriteSync is not installed. Could be useful for information you don't want to sync like personal links you don't want to have visible at your job.

The Options dialog box - Backup tab

The backup tab makes it possible to make backups of your Favorites. It will ignore folders specified on the Ignore tab and warn about addition and deletions if specified on the Verbose tab. The backups are stored as XML files in your FavoriteSync directory and will benefit largely from being compressed with for instance WinZIP. One safety backup will automatically be created at the first sync if no backup exists.

Save Favorite will store your Internet Explorer Favorites as an XML file.

View Backup will open the backed up version in Internet Explorer.

Load & Replace will remove your current Favorites and replace them with the backup version.

Load & Merge will add the backup and the current Favorites together.

Delete will delete a backup.

The Options dialog box - Legend tab

The legend tab is a quick way to see what the different states of the system tray icon means.