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FavoriteSync getting started guide

  1. Download and run the FavoriteSync installer

  2. Start FavoriteSync from the start menu

  3. If this is the first time you have started FavoriteSync then the setup wizard will start up to guide you through the installation process

  4. Click next and you will see the create account screen. If you have not already created an account then click the button to bring up the account creation web page.

  5. Fill out your email address and desired password and click the button

  6. You will now have an email with a link you need to activate your account. Open the email, click the link and then click next on the screen below.

  7. Now it is time to try out your new account for the first time. Fill out your email address and password and click the Sync button. When the sync process is finished the next button will be enable to let you continue.

  8. If you already synced a computer against the account you will be asked which favorites you would like to use or if you want to use both (merge).

  9. When the sync process is finished and you have hit the next button you have reached the end of the setup. You will not need to do anything else to keep your favorites in sync. However, you may want to check out the advanced section for more features and configuration options.