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License agreement

This license agreement covers the FavoriteSync client software and the online services provided by Both the client software and the online services are referred to as FavoriteSync below unless stated otherwise.

Is FavoriteSync free?
The FavoriteSync client software is 100% free. You can install it on as many computers as you like and give it to all your friends free of charge. You can sync against any FTP server that you have access to and pay nothing at all.

The FavoriteSync online service is also free of charge. Running a large scale internet service does require resources and the operation of the FavoriteSync service does only rely on those people that chose to donate a small amount in exchange for the service. When FavoriteSync is installed it will have access to the online service free of charge for a month. After a month the users will be reminded to make a donation of half a dollar per month for a year. It is however optional to pay and it is possible to renew the service for free. If you chose not to make a donation you will be reminded again but there is no limit how many times you can renew the service for free.

The FavoriteSync team promises that never use your email to send spam emails or give your email away to any third party. The FavoriteSync team also promise not to give your Favorites to any third party. The only time anyone else would have access to your Favorites is if you choose to publish your Favorites using the publish functionality of FavoriteSync.

FavoriteSync comes with no warranty at all. That means that there is no guarantee that it will work on any computer. However, FavoriteSync has been successfully used by thousands of users on Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and XP since 2001 which should assure you that it will most likely work for you as well.

Ads, adware, spyware and virus
Some software packages and services are funded by ads, adware and spyware. FavoriteSync is not one of them. If you download FavoriteSync from you are guaranteed to get the latest version of FavoriteSync without any attached annoyances. Do not get FavoriteSync from file sharing networks since the integrity of files can not be verified.

FavoriteSync comes with no formal support. However, there is an active user community and the FavoriteSync team are usually available to answer any questions on the online forum.

Online Service
The FavoriteSync service comes with no guaranteed availability. However, since the start of online services in June 2004 the service has been available more than 99% of the time.

FavoriteSync is offered with no guarantees at all and no company or person can be held liable by any harmed caused by FavoriteSync. If your Favorites are very important to you it is recommended that you make a backup of them before installing FavoriteSync.

Favorite lifetime
Your Favorites will be stored on the server as long as you regularly access them. If the Favorites have not been either updated or synced for one month then the Favorites will be reset on the server but the account settings will still be available.