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Sync your Favorites
Today most people use the Internet at home, school, work and at other places. The result is often that you have your Favorites spread out across many computers and not always at hand. FavoriteSync solves that problem and will keep all your Favorites in sync. It runs in the background on your computer and detects whenever you make a modification to your Favorites and syncs your Favorites against a central server.
Sync Mozilla Firefox
FavoriteSync can also help you if you prefer to use Firefox. The recomended way to integrate the two is to use the PlainOldFavorites plugin. This will add a Favorites menu to your Firefox browser.
Publish your Favorites
FavoriteSync can as an optional feature help you publish your Favorites on the Internet. You can pick any Favorite folder and add your own style to it and then publish it to let other see your Favorites. Your Favorite web page will automatically be updated as soon as you modify your Favorites on any of your synced computers.
It can be used for FREE.
FavoriteSync can be used free of charge for an unlimited time. After signing up you will get an initial test month. After a month you will be reminded to make a donation but you will also have the option to manually renew your subscription for free.
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